Value of the Week
Value of the Week helps students to understand their individual character strengths by exploring the benefits of developing a growth mindset.

It is a practical & easy to implement positive behvaiour solution that improves engagement, relationships, understanding of purpose while at the same time exploring the importance of gratitude.

As the name suggests, Value of the Week is an online program that explores a different virtue each week. Young people, their school mates and families are immersed in conversations that matter and this aides them to better understand the releveance they play in their OWN growth & development.

The Latest Value Video
Value of the Week is an innovative online positive behaviour program that is shaping more cohesive classroom and harmonious homes.

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Conversations that count...
Each week particpants receive:
• The Value Video
• A Lesson Plan
• A Newsletter Article
• Extension Activities
But What Does Value of the Week Do?
Value of the Week helps young people to flourish emotionally, socially and psychologically. It helps to build resilient and emotionally intelligent children who are prepared with the skills they need to make a meangingful contribution to their world.

Value of the Week helps develop coping mechanisms that they can use to cope with everyday challenges. And we all know the benefit resiience plays in helping combat Mental Health concerns. Importantly though, Value of the Week connects the conversations between home and school to create positive behaviours and outstanding learning habits.

This great program helps our children to regulate their emotions as well as understand their own strengths that assists them to work towards achieving their goals.
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Value of the Week
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