Student Engagement Institute Partners Awards Victoria
The findings of the Grattan Institute to be addressed through new partnership...
The Melbourne based Grattan Institute last week released their latest research in the report 'Engaging Students' and the findings have alarm bells ringing for people who work with young people. The report states “Australia’s education system needs comprehensive reform to tackle widespread disengagement.” The findings are concerning for us all as 40% of students were found to be disengaged from the work happening inside their classrooms and unsurprisingly these young people are falling years behind their peers as a result.
The detailed report found that an alarming number of teachers and adults who work with young people lack the skills necessary to get disengaged students back on track. Possibly most frightening is that it is not just the students who act out that we need to be concerned about. The report paints a grim picture of those who fly under the radar, the young people who are quietly disengaged. Unsurprisingly they are falling through the cracks at a rate that matches the underachievement of the students who are more obvious in their disengagement. In fact as many as one in four of all students have switched off and are no longer receiving these important messages.
One organisation that has already recognised this problem is Awards Victoria and they are working to address these concerns. In 2017 Awards Victoria has partnered with the Student Engagement Institute to bring to you the Capacity Building Workshops in four different locations around the state. The theme for this year’s workshops is: Motivated, Engaged, Inspired.
This series of workshops has been specifically designed to equip professionals who work with young people with additional tools with which they can motivate, engage and inspire. Make sure you attend as you will learn the latest ideas that will enhance the important work that you do with young people. You will gain a deep understanding of the 6 essential components of student engagement as well as ways to overcome the barriers that prevent young people from immersing themselves in the opportunities you create with them.
You will leave with a renewed enthusiasm for the difference you make in the lives of young people.
The reasons for a lack of engagement are many however we know the importance of equipping young people with the skills they will need to live fulfilling lives and we can no longer sit back without doing all that we can.
Motivated, Engaged, Inspired workshops are presented by Tim Heinecke who is an award winning educator, author and dad. Tim brings a unique perspective as he has worked with thousands of young Australians but he also brings a personal touch of being the dad of 4 school aged children. Tim knows the importance of creating greater moments of engagement and the role it plays in a child’s health and happiness. Tim says “we owe it to our children to do everything we can to provide the best childhoods possible and we make this possible by making sure we help them to become the best versions of themselves.”

Stay tuned for the announcment to reserve your spot.