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Don't blame the teachers
Megan Blandford, from Essential Kids interviewed the Student Engagement Institute's Tim Heinecke about the things parents can do to help improve the findings of the recent Grattan Report. Take a look at this thought provoking piece HERE
The Student Engagement Institute partners with Awards Victoria
The damning findings of the report released last week from the Grattan Institute are alarming for anyone who works with young people. The report found that 40% of students are disengaged from their school journey. Click HERE to READ MORE...
Seize the Day
What would you do if I promised, just by reading this article, I would give you $1,440 to spend today and then each and every day after? What would you do with that money? Would you go out and buy something that you have been saving for, or would you spend it on the essentials like groceries and bills? READ MORE...
Attitude is EVERYTHING!
Life would be a dream if it worked out how it’s supposed to! Surely it’s not too much for any of us to expect things could start to go our way for once, right? Well there is a way for this to happen and it comes without any strings attached, it’s completely free because it’s already inside you. READ MORE...
Bouncing Back
There’s a never ending list of things that keeps parents awake at night. For new parents it is the nightly feeds and nappy changes, however it doesn’t end once they finally sleep the night through. Ask anyone with kids, questioning your parenting, wondering what else you can do to make sure that your child is happy and healthy is the norm. It’s difficult because your child didn’t arrive with a ‘how-to’ manual. READ MORE...
Hitting the Right Benchmarks
From the moment our children are born, their development is measured and analysed. Right at the very start of life they are observed and given a ranking according to how well they take their first breaths and this sets the scene for a seemingly endless range of evaluations that continue their entire childhood until they graduate from high school. READ MORE...